Dinner on the Bridge - April 2024

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Dinner on the Bridge - B. Nektar Meads

Date: Apr 18, 2024
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Cost: $99.00

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Dinner on the Bridge at Old National Events Plaza
Dinner on the Bridge - April 18, 2024
Apr 18, 2024 | 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
B. Nektar Meads

B. Nektar is a brewing company bringing a modern twist to mead and diversifying craft mead, ciders and beer. After homebrewing for over a decade, B.Nektar opened on August 2, 2008 (National Mead Day). The meadery offers a vast assortment of meads, from soft floral and fragrant blends to zesty bold pops of spice.

B. Nektar’s session meads and hard ciders are shaping the craft revolution. The meadery continues to increase their production capacity and is currently the largest meadery in the U.S.A.They were the first meadery to join the ranks on the top 100 best breweries in the world by Ratebeer.com.

See the B. Nektar mead selections and guess which flavors will make it to the table at Dinner on the Bridge!

What is a mead?
Mead has been around for over four thousand years and is a fermented drink made from honey and yeast.

Is mead like wine?
Similar, but different. Mead and wine are both fermented beverages, but differ in their primary ingredients, flavorings and alcohol content.

Will I like mead?
If you like wine or craft beer, you'll like mead. Flavors vary drastically and it can be served chilled or warm. Tastes can be dry, off-dry, semi-sweet or sweet, much like craft beer and wine.

Dinner on the Bridge features beverage selections from internationally recognized wineries and breweries, along with a beautifully designed menu created to enhance the flavors of the highlighted beverages.

The Wine Series creates a learning experience for those who love fine foods and a variety of wine offerings. The Plaza’s in-house Sommelier and Director of Food and Beverage, Brittany Shouse, will guide guests through tasting notes. Shouse remarks, “Seasonal wine and dine opportunities are fun and allow us to connect our clients to the great brands we offer. Each of the series showcases beautiful and flavorful combinations that everyone will enjoy.”

Guests will also enjoy live music and the picturesque downtown scene from the skybridge over Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

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