Festival of Nations

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Festival of Nations

Date: Apr 18, 2024
Time: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
The Festival of Nations is free to the public and promises an evening of fun multicultural learning and community building.
EVSC Festival of Nations Celebrates 10th Anniversary!

EVSC’s International Newcomers Academy and Bosse High School International Students Club proudly present the 10th annual Festival of Nations on Thursday April 18, 2024, from 5 to 8 pm. This free family-friendly event will take place at the Old National Events Plaza. The Festival includes performances by EVSC multilingual learners and their families, food from diverse restaurants, and tables featuring ESL students’ countries of origin and local community partners.

The Festival is an international celebration showcasing Evansville’s diversity. It brings together families, community leaders, organizations, and businesses who are interested in networking and fostering collaborative relationships in support of Evansville’s growing international population. EVSC alone boasts more than 1500 multilingual learners who speak over 40 languages. The tri-state region boasts members from diverse backgrounds, including Haiti, the Marshall Islands, Latin America, India, and Africa, to name a few.

The Festival has grown considerably since two ESL teachers started it at the Bosse High School cafeteria supported by a Public Education Foundation (PEF) educator grant. The teachers sought to give their students an opportunity to share their rich cultures with the city and the event has resonated with more and more community members throughout the last decade. Last April, over 1300 community members gathered to learn about and enjoy the cultures, performances, and food from over 30 nations.

“When students perform or host a country table at the Festival, they smile brighter than we ever see elsewhere. They are proud to represent and share their cultures and we get to see them owning their own space”, says Niti Moore, former sponsor of the Bosse International Students Club. Co-founder educator Janelle Nisly asserts, “We invite community members to celebrate their cultures and help them feel that they belong here - a key ingredient for students to thrive in school and beyond”. Recognizing the Festival’s impact in building a welcoming Evansville, Leadership Everyone recognized it with the Transformational Inclusion Award during its 28th Celebration of Leadership in 2023.

The Festival of Nations is free to the public and promises an evening of fun multicultural learning and community building. To learn more about the event, contact Susan Riordan, ESL Teacher and Festival of Nations Marketing Team Lead at susan.riordan@evsck12.com or FONpromotions@gmail.com.
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